healing power of art

The show has ended. Thank you to all who participated and those who voted and purchased artwork! 
Stay safe and be well! 
Hugs, Debbie

art heals
Part 2

august 1-august 30

Healing Thru Art will make your world a better place and hopefully forget (for just a little bit) all the bad in the world. This is an online Art Show showcasing artists from all over the world. A dark cloud crossed the earth in the form of Covid 19. Around the globe, people from all walks of life were effected. We have all experienced hardships, some more than others. But as we emerge from the shadow of this pandemic, we are reminded that life goes on, hope springs eternal, and the beauty of art heals. In recognition of this, we have created the Art Heals Virtual Showcase. This is an online art show for artists all over the world, of all levels, to display their work to the public. This show is different from other online art shows because it allows participants to post individual pieces of art work, with fun, funky, or factual descriptions, along with prices and contact information, thus making it a more personal experience. The best part, is that you don’t need your own website, gallery representation, or ribbons and awards. (But if you have any of those, you are more than welcome to share it.) This exhibition is NOT juried. We do not discriminate! All entries will be displayed. 

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My name is debbie johnson, and i am an artist.

It took me a long time to say that. It always sounded strange to me. That’s me, to the right, with my boyfriend, Bill, at an art show in Plymouth Mass. Bill is there when I need to bounce ideas off someone. He also helps with framing, set up/take down for art shows and a ton of other stuff. Ok, enough about Bill, let’s talk about me… haha.
Well, I love to paint! I love to get lost in my own little world, especially now, with what’s going on in the world! My favorite part of being an artist (other than creating) is participating in art shows. Oh, the fun we’ve had meeting fabulous people! But with COVID-19, all the shows have been cancelled. … waaah waaah. But fear not, I pivoted and decided to bring the art show online!
We started the Norton Arts Society locally, in our own hometown. We are a group of like-minded artists who have come together to share, create, and network. It is going really well too! So well that we just had to do another one!

Let's Find You The Art That Will Make You Smile.

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